New Bike Lanes Coming to Victoria

Yesterday, the BC government announced that the City of Victoria will receive $47,964 in funding from Bike BC's Cycling Infrastructure Partnerships Program (CIPP) towards the installation of new bike lanes.

The City will match these funds to install bike lanes on Pandora Avenue (from Cook Street to Oak Bay Avenue), on Johnson Street (from Cook Street to Pandora Avenue), and on Begbie Street (from Pandora Avenue to Shelbourne Street). The new bike lanes will connect downtown Victoria with destinations near Royal Jubilee Hospital and existing bicycle routes.

Portions of the new bike lanes will be “buffered”, which means that the area between the vehicle travel lane and the marked bike lane will include two parallel lines approximately half a metre a part. Buffered bike lanes improve safety for cyclists as they provide visual and physical separation between bicycles and motor vehicles on the road.

The project will consist of removing all existing lane markings on the streets and re-marking them to include the new bike lanes. Impacts to on-street parking will be minor. Construction is expected to begin in early summer and to be completed by early fall.

The City of Victoria is committed to making cycling an attractive and safe experience for residents and visitors to the community. The installation of these new bike lanes is part of the City's Bicycle Master Plan.

Bike BC's Cycling Infrastructure Partnerships Program is a cost-shared program where the Government of British Columbia will partner with local governments in the construction of new transportation cycling infrastructure. The goal of the program is to promote transportation cycling (cycling to work, school, or errands) as a means of reducing traffic congestion and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. For more information click here.