New Bike Path Along Dallas Road Coming in 2016

The Capital Regional District will be constructing a new sewer force main alongside Dallas Road starting in 2014. With construction already planned for the area, the City will maximize the opportunity and advance plans to introduce a designated cycling path on Dallas Road between Clover Point and Ogden Point. The proposed cycling path will extend approximately 2.8 km and will be physically separated from vehicle traffic by curb and boulevard. Developing the two projects simultaneously will result in cost sharing opportunities, minimized environmental impacts and reduced traffic disruptions.

How will the bike path impact motorists?

Travel lane capacity along Dallas Road will not be reduced with the addition of the bike path. The only change which may happen is the conversion of certain angled parking spaces to parallel parking in some locations along Dallas Road.

How will the bike path impact pedestrians?

The existing pedestrian walkways along the Clover Point Park will remain the same. The introduction of a bike path will create a dedicated track for cyclists. This will reduce chance of user conflicts between cyclists and pedestrians along one of the city's busiest waterfronts.

When will construction begin on the bike path and force main?

Construction is scheduled to begin in winter 2014 and completion of the bike bath is planned for spring 2016.

What are the anticipated impacts of construction?

Construction along Dallas Road will happen in increments to minimize impacts to users and residents. Where impacts are unavoidable, a mitigation plan will be implemented and communicated with the public.

Where can I find more information about the Capital Regional District's sewage project?
For additional information please visit An open house will be held and updated designs will be available in the spring of 2014.