Reinstating Pay Parking at 900 Block of Pandora Avenue

Starting July 2, 2013, the City of Victoria is reinstating on-street pay parking at the 900 Block of Pandora Avenue between Quadra and Vancouver Streets to provide neighbouring businesses with increased parking turn-over and an extended period of time to park.

Currently, the 900 Block of Pandora Avenue is signed as a 90-minute maximum parking zone and has 20 on-street parking spaces. Neighbouring businesses and property owners have expressed a need for longer-term parking as there is no off-street parking (surface parking lots and parkades) available in the area.

Pilot - Reduced Hourly Rate
For a four-month period, the City will pilot a reduced hourly parking rate along the 900 Block of Pandora Avenue. Motorists will be able to park on-street at a reduced hourly parking rate of $1.50 per hour from 9 a.m. - 6 p.m., Mondays to Fridays for a maximum daily rate of $7.50. The regular on-street hourly rate is $2.50 per hour with the majority of zones offering a maximum of 90 minutes of parking.
On-street parking space posts have been installed and cement pads are in place for the installation of two new pay stations on June 26. Signs will be affixed to the two new pay stations, informing motorists of the changes.

Public Feedback
The pay stations and parking space posts will include signage inviting motorists to provide feedback on the piloted block by contacting or calling 250.361.0330.
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