Reminder: Beach Fires Off Limits in Victoria

With more warm and dry weather forecasted, Capital Region residents are reminded that beach fires are not permitted within the City of Victoria. The Victoria Fire Department and Victoria Police respond to nearly 200 beach fire calls each year; beach fires that put people, property and the environment at risk.  

Joint beach patrols by police, fire and City bylaw officers are underway and will continue throughout the summer. As recently as this morning, the Victoria Fire Department responded to three beach fires and asks for the public's support in helping keep everyone safe this summer.

Beach fires are often difficult to access due to their location. A small or smoldering fire can be time consuming to put out, tying up emergency responders who may be needed elsewhere in the community. In addition to the immediate fire risk to plants and trees, houses and beach goers, the embers, ash and bottles often left behind from a beach fire create a hazard for beach users, including children and pets.

A beach fire offence under the City of Victoria's Parks Regulation Bylaw can result in a fine of up to $2,000.