Stay Warm and Save Money This Winter

Learn about rebates and incentives for hot water heaters and fireplaces, home energy retrofit grants, appliance rebates, and incentive programs for seniors, students and low income students.  Also learn about how to prepare your heating oil or propane tank for another safe winter and rebates for households switching from heating oil or propane.

Incentives for hot water heaters and gas fireplaces:
• $500 rebate from Fortis for tankless, on demand water heaters. Spend less by heating your hot water only when you need it and reclaim some closet space!
• $300 rebate from Fortis for energy efficient gas fireplaces certified with the EnerChoice logo, for fireplaces installed before December 31, 2013.

Home energy retrofit grants and appliance rebates:
• Live Smart BC grants of up to $3,225 are available for air sealing and insulating upgrades until March 31, 2014.
• BC Hydro's major appliance rebate program provides rebates on washing machines, fridges and freezers. Check out which appliances qualify before you buy. 
• Replacing your old fridge? BC Hydro will give you $30 under the fridge buy-back program and collect your old, working fridge and recycle it for you.
• Install an Energystar washing machine and receive a $75 rebate from Fortis or BC Hydro.

For heating oil and propane customers:
 Have you inspected your tank, pipes and lines, for damage and deterioration? Click here to learn how to do this before receiving your winter oil delivery, a time when oil leaks are more likely to occur.  Oil leaks can be very costly to homeowners and the environment. 
 Considering an upgrade of your heating system to a heat pump, or high-efficiency natural gas boiler or furnace?  $1,000 rebates are available from through Fortis' Switch'n'Shrink program for households converting from heating oil or propane. 

For seniors, students, and low income households:
• Free energy savings kits are available for renters or owners with qualifying income levels. These kits will improve your comfort level in the winter and reduce your energy bills.  Weather stripping, window film, a  low flow showerhead, and CFL lightbulbs are included in this free kit.
• Once you've qualified for the free energy savings kit, also check with BC Hydro to see if your household qualifies for the Energy Conservation Assistance Program.  (Your annual Hydro or Fortis bill must be $700 or more).  If you qualify, you'll receive a new ENERGY STAR fridge, installation of insulation, lighting, low flow faucets/showerheads, hotwater tank blanket and pipe wrap and weather stripping and caulking throughout the home.  If you're a renter, you're still eligible to apply, but you'll need consent from the owner.


For full details about these rebates and incentives click here.

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