Still Time to Have Your Say on Pilot Road Changes in Beacon Hill Park

The next time you're enjoying Beacon Hill Park with friends and family, check out the road changes that are being piloted. The road changes were introduced last summer to reduce traffic and make the park more bicycle and pedestrian friendly. Let us know what you think of the changes by completing our online survey by August 31, 2013.

About the Pilot
The pilot changes are designed to improve public safety and accessibility in the park and include converting some existing roads to pedestrian, wheelchair and bicycle-friendly pathways; reducing parallel parking; designating parking for seniors and families close to park amenities; promoting under-used parking lots in the park, and reducing opportunities for motorists to shortcut and speed through the park.

A combination of bollards, street painting, signage and new curbing temporarily directs traffic in the park during the year-long pilot. If there is community support for the proposed changes, the temporary bollards will be replaced by permanent curbing, increased green space and multi-use trails in 2014.

Park Access and Parking
Motorists are still able to drive in and out of Beacon Hill Park and have access to recreation features and parking. All of the parking lots remain open and street parking in front of the Petting Zoo, Cricket Pitch, and Watering Can is available.

Motorists can enter the park from Arbutus Way off Southgate Street and at Circle Drive off Douglas Street, and exit the park from Circle Drive at Dallas Road and Douglas Street. Motorists have access to the Cricket Pitch off Heywood Avenue, but there is no through traffic to Circle Drive. An online map is available. Learn more.