Victoria Wins 37th Annual Flower Count

Thank you for counting your blossoms Victoria! We were named the winning municipality in the 37th Annual Flower Count having counted the most flowers during the past week, totalling 296,825,068. The final Flower Count reached a total of 762,742,426 flowers. The City of Victoria came in as the leading municipality for the third consecutive year.

The Flower Count is an annual light-hearted promotion sponsored and organized by the Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce, The Butchart Gardens and Tourism Victoria. The goal is to bolster community pride and increase awareness of Greater Victoria as an attractive shoulder-season tourism destination. Citizens across municipalities are invited to count their blossoms and report their count.

In the late 1960's, members of the Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce started a promotion called “Victorian Days”. In late February, dressed in Victorian era costumes, they would visit cities such as Edmonton, Calgary and Winnipeg, handing out daffodils to the general public, radio stations and news rooms. In 1976, the event expanded to involve Victoria residents and create a fun promotional story through the counting of February's flowers. The Victoria Flower Count was born.

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