Victoria's Free Smoke Alarm Program Aims to Save Lives

Serving as your nose when you're asleep, working smoke alarms can mean the difference between the life and death of loved ones in the event of a house fire. The Victoria Fire Department is offering a free smoke alarm to residents who need one to ensure that every Victoria home has a working smoke alarm.

Victoria residents can arrange for a Fire Prevention Officer to visit their home to determine the best locations for a smoke alarm, install new alarms, or test existing ones. If you require a new smoke alarm, you will be provided one free of charge. The free service is available to anyone who resides in the City of Victoria.

In 2012, the Fire Chiefs Association of British Columbia and the Office of the Fire Commissioner launched a smoke alarm campaign to ensure that every home in the province has a working smoke alarm. The Victoria Fire Department is proud to be participating in this province-wide campaign.

A working smoking alarm is the most important appliance in a home. It is an early warning device that can lessen the loss of life and property. There should be at least one smoke alarm on every level of a home.

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