Water Main Flushing in March

Each year, Victoria's water mains are flushed to remove sediment and maintain high quality drinking water.

Water Main flushing is continuing through March and the following areas may be affected : Harris Green, Rockland, and Foul Bay North and South (Gonzales and Jubilee). Residents will be advised when water main flushing is due to occur in their area. Click here to view a map of the areas affected: Water Main Flushing Feb 2013.pdf [PDF - 281 KB]

During this two month program, short periods of water discoloration and low water pressure may be experienced. To prevent any staining from discolored water, run the cold water tap in your bath or shower until the water is clear.

Commercial establishments such as laundromats, beauty salons, hotels and restaurants are invited to contact Public Works at 250.361.0400 for further details and advance warning of flushing dates in their specific location.