Back Alley Becomes Art Gallery

A downtown alley has become a place for artistic and creative expression for street artists due to a partnership between the City of Victoria and the Open Space Arts Society.

A new outdoor art gallery has been established in Commercial Alley to add vitality to the area while retaining the alley’s use by local businesses.

Located in the 500 Block of Yates and Bastion Square, the gallery’s inaugural art installation consists of a four-panel artwork by renowned street artist Other, a.k.a Troy Lovegates.

Installed on the west wall of the Victoria Youth Empowerment Society, the artwork depicts four patterned, black-and-white figures punctuated by bold red shapes. The art was created during the Reclaim the Streets: A Symposium on Art and Public Space, which was recently hosted in Victoria by Open Space.

The artwork will be in place until early August and will change every few months. The gallery space allows for four, 1.2-metre x 2.4-metre panels that will be illuminated in the evening, creating a more vibrant space day and night.

The Commercial Alley outdoor art gallery is a pilot community enhancement project, which will be assessed to determine long-term and additional opportunities. Learn more.

Next time you're in the area, check it out.