UVic Solar Monitor Installed at City Hall

The City of Victoria and the University of Victoria are teaming up to develop a solar energy map, to help indicate how much solar energy could be captured from rooftops in Victoria.  Part of this work involves installing a “pyranometer”, an instrument that measures solar energy, on the roof of City Hall.  This pyranometer has now been installed.

The information collected at City Hall in 2014, along with data from the University of Victoria’s School Based Weather Network, will help property owners better assess the solar potential of their properties. In 2015, this data will be integrated into VicMap, the City of Victoria’s online map. When complete, residents will be able to use the solar map to zoom in to a rooftop, view the solar energy potential and identify the specific area of the roof that might be best suited for solar equipment. 

Solar energy is a renewable resource that can displace fossil fuel use and reduce greenhouse gases. Greenhouse gases from buildings account for 50% of the total emissions generated in Victoria.   The City of Victoria is working towards a community greenhouse gas reduction target of 33% from 2007 levels by 2020.

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