City Invites Interest in Potential Leasing Opportunities for Crystal Garden

The City of Victoria has issued a “Market Sounding” to gauge interest in securing a long-term tenant to lease the iconic Crystal Garden. The Crystal Garden is currently an expansion space to the Victoria Conference Centre.  

In advance of deciding on what option best serves the City, the City is interested in understanding what opportunities might exist to achieve its objective in an innovative way. No concrete notions have been set regarding possible usage of the space. 

The goal of this market sounding is to seek feedback and determine what interests may exist with the private, public or non-profit sectors. The ideal tenant will respect the historical significance of the building, bring an offering of interest to the community that enhances downtown, and be financially sound with a solid business and operating plan willing to enter into a short term lease of five years. 

The City has been approached by a number of different individuals with ideas for the facility and is keen to maximize the public building’s sustainable use for the longer-term.  

City Council will evaluate proposals and fully reserves the option of keeping it as part of the existing operation of the Victoria Conference Centre. Council may pursue options further or choose to operate the facility as it is currently.

The market sounding closes October 22. An update will be provided on the public agenda at Governance and Priorities Committee on Thursday, October 23, 2014. 

The Crystal Garden is located in downtown Victoria at 713 Douglas Street at the corner of Belleville Street, adjacent to the Royal BC Museum. The Crystal Garden has had many uses and occupants since its opening in 1925 and a full chronology is noted in the Market Sounding document.

View the “Market Sounding - Crystal Garden Leasing Opportunity” here.