City Receives External Review of PCL Change Order Request

The City of Victoria is reviewing and evaluating the response prepared by MMM Group Ltd., the designer and primary consultant on the Johnson Street Bridge Replacement Project.

The response was submitted to the City as a reply to the request for a change order issued by PCL Constructors Westcoast Inc., the construction company building the new bridge. MMM has recommended rejection of PCL’s change order request. 

Both the PCL change order request and MMM’s response are being reviewed and evaluated by City staff and external consultants. A change order is the usual mechanism by which a contractor communicates a change of project scope or cost to the owner for approval. The City is performing its due diligence as the owner to ensure that the interests of City taxpayers are protected. The City will provide further information once the review of the PCL change order and MMM response is complete.

Earlier this year the City received a change order request seeking an increase of $7.9 million and an extension in the timeline for completion. The City has a fixed-price contract of $62.9 million with a $2.815 million construction contingency.