City Receives "Gold Standard" Award for Safety in Excavation

The City of Victoria has once again been awarded the City of Excellence “Gold Standard” award for 2013, recognizing local governments for activities that demonstrate safe excavation techniques at or around underground infrastructure.

Receipt of this award indicates the highest standard of safety by all City crews involved in activities related to ground disturbance and excavation, including Public Works, Parks, Engineering, and Occupational Health and Safety. This award recognizes the significant achievement of having no underground infrastructure disturbed by City crews due to excavation or digging in 2013 – a particularly notable accomplishment considering the density of underground infrastructure contained in the region’s downtown core.

The award was presented to City Council by BC Common Ground Alliance and the BC Municipal Safety Association.

The BC Common Ground Alliance is a non-profit organization established to lead development of consistent practices and coordination of activities to ensure the highest possible standards of public safety, worker safety and damage prevention in connection with underground infrastructure. The BC Municipal Safety Association aims to improve worker health and safety through the sharing of knowledge and resources within local government.