City Seeks Feedback on Proposed Changes to Skateboarding Regulations

Recognizing the growing number of people that use skateboards as a mode of transportation, the City is engaging the community to seek feedback on proposed changes that would allow skateboard use on downtown streets.

The City’s current bylaw, in place since 1990’s, does not allow the use of bicycles and skateboards on sidewalks anywhere in the city, but unlike bicycles, the bylaw also does not allow individuals to ride skateboards on streets within the downtown core. Skateboarding is currently allowed in other areas of Victoria outside the downtown core.

The City of Victoria is currently seeking feedback from the community about allowing skateboard use on downtown streets. 

The feedback received will be used to help inform City Council as they consider the proposed bylaw changes in January 2015.

Feedback is being collected until Wednesday, December 31 at 4:00 p.m.