Cook Street Closed from Caledonia to Queens Avenue for Paving Sunday

Weather permitting, Cook Street will be repaved and repainted from Caledonia Avenue to Queens Avenue this Sunday. The street will be closed to vehicles from 5 a.m. to midnight to accommodate the work.

Paving and repainting traffic markings is one of the final steps in transportation and pedestrian improvements on Cook Street near George Jay Elementary School.  

Additional improvements underway in recent weeks include upgrades to the crosswalk at the intersection of Princess Avenue and Cook Street and accessibility upgrades to adjacent sidewalks. Underground infrastructure was upgraded earlier this year in advance of paving in an effort to minimize the need for future work in the area.

Some minor lanes reductions will be in place over the next week as crews finalize work in the area.

The $340,000 investment has been underway since February and is being completed in stages in an effort to minimize impacts to commuters as well as students and parents of George Jay Elementary School. 

In 2014, the City of Victoria will invest $6.4 million in transportation infrastructure, including sidewalks, bike lanes, crosswalks and paving.