New Policing Agreement for Victoria and Esquimalt

Today the Mayors of Victoria and Esquimalt, and the Victoria and Esquimalt Police Board signed a new 10 year policing agreement. 

The agreement provides stronger reporting relationships with the two municipalities, provides for dedicated divisions and vehicles marked for each community, and a revised funding formula.  The agreement also includes provisions for communities to opt in and out of optional resources.  Other municipalities in the Capital Region can be added as a party to the agreement.

The Police Board will be consistently known as the Victoria and Esquimalt Police Board and provides opportunity for signatories to develop a co-chair model that reflects the importance of a Mayor’s role on a Police Board.

“This agreement is the culmination of many years of hard work – including the last 18 months of negotiation – by a number of people. During this thorough process we gained valuable information on what we want from our police force, and this agreement addresses those needs,” noted Mayor Barb Desjardins. “We have both a budget allocation and a service delivery model that our community has told us it wants. We look forward to a new era of policing in Esquimalt.”

“This new policing agreement provides an opportunity for Victoria’s citizens to shape the future of policing in our City,” said Mayor Dean Fortin. “The agreement provides flexibility that allows us to be more responsive to the specific needs of our communities while continuing to provide the highest standard of police services for our residents.”

“Victoria and Esquimalt worked hard to achieve this policing framework, reaching consensus on some very complex issues, including the development of performance metrics and specific plans to provide equitable, transparent and accountable policing for both communities,” said Attorney General and Minister of Justice Suzanne Anton. “That consensus was ultimately up to them, given their responsibility for local policing, and I congratulate them on their success. Our government, which provided independent facilitation, will continue to offer aid in implementing their agreement.”

“This policing agreement marks the beginning of a new era for the two communities that VicPD serves,” said Chief Constable Frank Elsner. “The men and women of VicPD are excited to be part of this agreement and will do everything they can to support this agreement through the delivery of community-based police services for the people of Victoria and Esquimalt.”

The agreement will be implemented as early as practicable, but no later than January 1, 2015 and expires December 31, 2023.       

Additional facts:

  • A new 10-year agreement commencing Jan 1, 2014, terminating on Dec 31, 2023.
  • The police board will maintain current composition and will be consistently known as the Victoria and Esquimalt Police Board.
  • The funding formula agreement will be phased in over three years from 84.8% (Victoria) and 15.2% (Esquimalt) in 2014 to 85.3% and 14.7% in 2016.
  • The new funding formula results in an estimated $105,000 reduction for Esquimalt in the first year.  The City of Victoria draft 2014-2018 financial plan incorporates the increase and the costs have been offset by reductions made within the municipality.
  • Outside of the agreement, but confirmed through the process, the Township of Esquimalt will pay $142,000 to City of Victoria for monies owing from prior years.
  • A dedicated division will be established for each municipality in consultation with the Chief Constable, and dedicated vehicles will be marked for each municipality.
  • Mechanisms have been put in place to deal with disputes over interpretation of the agreement.
  • Provisions for opting in and opting out of optional resources.
  • The Police Board will engage external consulting support to complete an efficiency review. Police services will provide financial support for this review.
  • Any other municipality in the Capital Region may be added as a party to the agreement in future.