New Regulations for Sandwich Boards Now in Place

New regulations are now in place regarding portable signs on public property.

Portable signs - sometimes known as sandwich boards - can add vitality to downtown streets and be a valuable tool for businesses. Although they are a frequent sight around the city, portable signs on public space were not previously permitted.
The new regulations regulate sign size, where the signs can be placed, and the criteria that determine if a sidewalk outside of a business can support a portable sign. These regulations will balance the value to businesses with the need to maintain safe and clear passage for all sidewalk users.

As of January 16, portable signs on public property are now expected to have a permit and display a decal. Permits are available online or at City Hall.

A few criteria apply to determine if your business is eligible to apply for a portable sign permit. Click here to read more about these new regulations, permit fees, whether your business is eligible, and how to apply.