Open Government Tour August 25

Join us at City Hall on August 25 for the Open Government Tour, a cross-country tour to help promote the idea that civic engagement can happen on any level and can not only be fun, but life-changing.

Richard Pietro is travelling across the nation on a motorcycle to introduce Open Government and Open Data to all Canadians. This event is dedicated to introducing Open Government and Open Data to those people who have flirted with the subject matter, but are not fully aware of what it is.

Perhaps you saw a headline with the term or heard someone mention it in passing. Maybe you want to become more civically engaged but don’t know where to start. In either of those cases, the Open Government Tour will tell you the stories behind terms, demonstrate the technology that is changing the culture, and introduce you to the people that are making it happen.

  • What: Open Government Tour
  • Where: Victoria City Hall, Council Chambers
  • When: Monday, August 25 from 6 to 9 p.m.
  • Who: Everyone is welcome, no charge to attend

Click here for more information about the event or register to attend.

Click here for more information on the Open Government Tour.