Solar Hot Water Incentive Program Launches

Solar Hot Water Incentive Program Launches in the Capital Regional District

 Would you like to reduce your energy bills and produce your own renewable energy?  The Solar CRD program is offering first-come first-serve incentives to businesses and homeowners that want to switch to solar hot water systems.  

 Residential or commercial properties that have a high volume of hot water use, would see a faster payback and higher return on investment from this program.  Multi-unit residential properties, motels, hotels, restaurants and laundromats are some examples that could be a good fit for solar thermal.  Single-family residential properties can also apply. 

 Incentives offer up to 33% of the total costs to help pay for the purchase and installation of solar hot water system or the maximum incentive which ranges from $2250 to $4750 depending on the size of the system.  Funding is provided by the Government of Canada. 

 The deadline for the program is March 31, 2015.  To learn more about Solar CRD and to apply for one of the first-come first-serve Solar CRD incentives visit:   Additional information is also available to help make your home or business more sustainable.