Stormwater Engagement Summary and Next Steps

Thank you to everyone who recently offered feedback regarding the change to a stormwater utility model and the proposed rainwater management credit program.   Here is a summary of what the City of Victoria heard and the next steps in terms of what is being done to implement these recommendations.

In January, responsive to community input, Council decided to shift the implementation of the stormwater utility by one year, from 2014 to 2015.  This will allow property owners more time to plan for the change in how stormwater services are billed and to learn more about cisterns, rain barrels, rain gardens, green roofs and other similar rainwater management methods that could be appropriate for their property.

Other feedback included ideas to make the credit program more flexible and to simplify the credit application process.  Property owners asked that case studies be developed, to better understand the benefits and challenges of managing rainwater with a variety of property types.  Clear design guidelines for rainwater management methods and education programs were also common requests.  To read the complete engagement summary and to view all of the feedback received click here.
Spring 2014: The engagement feedback will help guide the development of the stormwater utility and the rainwater credit program as these details are finalized. 

Fall 2014:  Property owners can expect further details about the stormwater utility and the rainwater credit program. 

Spring 2015:  Applications will be accepted for the rainwater credit program.

Fall 2015: The first stormwater utility bills will be issued.

For further details about the stormwater utility and rainwater management credit program, click here.