Summer Tips to Keep Your Green and Grey Bins Clean

Summer Bin Care Tips

Here are a few tips to help keep your green and grey bins clean this summer:

  • Rinse your bins after every collection day with water and vinegar.
  • Always use certified compostable bags or paper bags with your green bin. This helps to reduce moisture.  Biodegradable and plastic bags are not accepted.
  • Adding extra crumpled newspaper to the bottom of your bin will also absorb moisture and ensure your bin empties fully on collection day.
  • Keep your bins out of the sun, except for collection day. 
  • Sprinkle baking powder into your green bin to reduce odors.
  • Freeze leftover meat waste and other higher odor compostable materials in large ziplock bags or ice cream tubs and them empty them into your green bin just before collection day.

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