Victoria to Host 11th Canadian Urban Forest Conference

This fall, delegates from across Canada are invited to participate in the 11th Canadian Urban Forest Conference in Victoria, British Columbia.  The conference will run September 30 to October 2 and will include opportunities for City and park planners, architects, arborists, researchers, health scientists and community groups to share their experiences and innovative approaches to the stewardship of Canada’s urban forests.

A recent inventory of Victoria’s urban forests on public land identified almost 20,000 trees lining our streets and over 13,000 trees in our parks.  Approximately 10% of all street trees in Victoria are flowering plum, 8% are flowering cherry and 6% are hawthorn.  Maple, Garry Oak, Birch, Hornbeam and Horse Chestnut are some of the other species that line our streets.  Our climate is unique in that a wide range of trees can grow here.  Over 230 unique species were identified in the recent inventory.  Last year, the City adopted an Urban Forest Master Plan that lays the groundwork for a healthy, vibrant urban forest in Victoria.

The opening keynote lecture will set the context by addressing the key issue of ‘Adapting Cities to a Rapidly Changing World’.  This session will draw on the expertise of Dr. Kalanithy Vairavamoorthy, or ‘Dean Kala’, an internationally recognized expert in the field.  The lecture will explore how pressing challenges—including climate change, water scarcity, aging infrastructure and risk management—affect the way we design our cities and their urban forests.

The City of Victoria is excited to be hosting this conference with support from the Municipality of Oak Bay, the District of Saanich and Tree Canada.  Sponsors include TD Friends of the Environment Foundation, Bartlett Tree Experts and Davey Tree.


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