$250,000 Awarded to Local Groups to Build Community

Community organizations will receive grants in 2015 to advance 45 community programs and initiatives that align with the City’s strategic plan. Each year, the City of Victoria offers financial grants to support local organizations' efforts to build and enhance the community.

“These grants help build community capacity and create well-being for Victoria’s residents,” noted Mayor Lisa Helps. "We are stronger as a city because of these partnerships and our shared commitment to delivering the Strategic plan, together."

Informed by public input, recent changes were made to the annual grant program. These changes aimed to streamline the process and align grants with the City’s new strategic objectives and outcomes, providing greater opportunities to maximize annual grant funding through more flexibility, consistency and oversight.

All applicants will be notified and, in some cases regarding the use of public space, conditions will apply.

With a new financial planning process introduced this year, the applications intake for 2016 grants will begin this September.

See the full list of grant recipients [PDF - 43 KB].