2015 Aerial Photos on VicMap

VicMap, the City of Victoria's interactive mapping system, has added a 2015 aerial image layer of the City. These aerial images can be viewed and compared with previous aerials every two years since 2005.

The new aerial image was taken earlier in the year than previous years – early May of 2015. During the photography timeframe there was less leaf cover, so more of the City's ‘under canopy’ buildings and infrastructure can be seen.

The 2015 aerial photos can be viewed by launching VicMap, then selecting I Want to -> Turn Map Data On/Off, and selecting aerial photos at the bottom of the list. You can select photos from a number of years and compare with the transparency sliders.

VicMap provides users with a wide range of data and uses, and enables citizens to directly download raw data sets from the map. It includes search capabilities including by address, intersection, parcel identification, park or neighbourhood. Users can add text, lines and shapes to maps to print or share with others, or add their own data to create custom maps. It is a powerful visual tool that can display area and items of interest and overlay with high resolution aerial images.