Change Home Smoke Alarm Batteries When Changing Clocks

A reminder to residents to change household smoke alarm batteries this weekend when Daylight Saving Time ends. Clocks in North America “fall back” one hour at 2 a.m. on Sunday, November 1.

Consider your household smoke alarms to be the most important clocks that need to be changed.

Residents should test smoke alarms once a month and change smoke alarm batteries routinely in the spring and fall when clocks are changed. Replacing a smoke alarm that is more than 10 years old is recommended.

Victoria residents can arrange for a free home smoke alarm home visit by a Fire Prevention Officer, who will determine the best locations for a smoke alarm, install new alarms, or test existing ones. If you reside in a single family home, duplex or townhouse and require a new smoke alarm, you may be eligible to receive one free of charge. The service is available to anyone who resides in the City of Victoria.

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