Citizens Invited to Help Shape Future of Burnside Gorge Neighbourhood

A new vision for the Burnside-Gorge neighbourhood will be developed with the community to guide growth and change over the next 30 years.

The diverse Burnside-Gorge neighbourhood includes a mix of residential, commercial, manufacturing, and industrial areas, including Rock Bay and Douglas Street corridor. The neighbourhood sits adjacent to the Upper Harbour and Gorge Waterway and is currently home to 6,000 residents and 1,400 businesses.

The City’s Official Community Plan (OCP) envisions new business and residential developments along the Douglas Street corridor, revitalized industrial and employment areas including Rock Bay, and improved connections for pedestrians, cyclists, and transit riders throughout the Burnside area. The new local area plan for Burnside-Gorge will advance the objectives of the OCP and will act as a guide to evaluate the suitability of future developments and projects in the area.

Citizens can provide input during events and activities taking place during the spring and fall of 2015 on topics including land use and development, transportation, parks and public spaces. Feedback collected will inform a new draft local area plan that will be considered by Council in 2016.

In an effort to reach a wide range of citizens, applications are being accepted from individuals who would like to be “community connectors”. The Council-appointed community connectors will form an 11 person advisory group made up of resident, business, First Nation, and youth representatives that will work to raise awareness to the wider community on opportunities to provide input.

The new plan for the Burnside-Gorge area is the first local area plan to be created since the Downtown Core Area Plan was approved in 2011 and covers one of the largest neighbourhoods in the City.  Local area plans for other key growth areas in Victoria will be developed over the next few years.

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