City Seeks Input on Draft Budget and Strategic Plan

Council is looking for feedback on the draft strategic plan and draft budget. The two, combined with public input, will provide a road map for your city.

 The draft strategic plan outlines close to 90 actions in 13 areas for achieving clear outcomes within the next four years. 

The proposed operating budget totals $213 million and the draft capital budget totals $79.5 million for 2015 and results in an overall property tax increase of $3.6 million or 3.09%. Combined with utility fees the overall increase to homeowners would be 2.91%, and 2.98% for businesses.

There is also an estimated $4.5 million in funding from new assessments and 2014 surplus that has yet to be allocated for 2015. The City would like input on how to prioritize spending the $4.5 million within key strategic areas.

Highlights of the proposed 2015 budget includes:

  • $8.1 million for transportation improvements including new bike lanes, crosswalks and pathways including David Foster Harbour Pathway, LED streetlight replacements, and extension of the Douglas Street priority bus lanes
  • Nearly $19 million for maintaining the City’s parks and recreation facilities, including 70 parks, 72 hectares of natural areas, 39 playgrounds, 23 tennis courts and 45 sports fields
  • $66 million in public safety (police, fire, bylaw and emergency management)
  • Over $1 million to support arts and events
  • Investment to streamline development and permit processes, enhance open government and citizen engagement initiatives
  • $38 million for the Johnson Street Bridge replacement project

How to Get Involved

Find out more about the proposed budget and upcoming Town Hall, and read through the draft strategic plan.