City to Introduce New On-Street Parking Ambassadors

Building on recent improvements to how the City provides parking services, a new on-street parking ambassador model is being introduced, bringing what has traditionally been a contracted enforcement model, in-house under the City’s customer service fold. Parking availability and a positive parking experience is essential to supporting an active and vibrant downtown, and specifically the needs of Victoria's downtown businesses and the tourism sector.  

Starting January 1, Parking Ambassadors will be customer-focused City representatives and advocates for encouraging high parking turnover to support downtown businesses, at the same time providing directions, answering questions and providing additional eyes and ears on the street. An in-house model provides the City greater ability to offer a parking experience consistent with customer service objectives and stakeholder needs, while still regulating parking to ensure there is high turnover of parking spaces downtown. 

Parking ambassadors will be unionized staff, represented by the Local 50 Chapter of the Canadian Union of Public Employees. The model will include full-time and part-time positions. 

Ambassadors will participate in a comprehensive customer service training program, in cooperation with downtown businesses. Timed with the new Ambassadors, the Parking Review Office will also move into City Hall, making it easier for customers to pay their tickets, or have tickets reviewed.  

Commissionaires will continue to provide parking enforcement services until December 31, 2015 to allow for transition. During that time, the City will be hiring for approximately 20-25 ambassador positions.