Julie Paul and Chris Tougas Win 2015 Victoria Book Prizes

Tonight, two Greater Victoria authors were recognized for their literary talent at the 2015 Victoria Book Prize Awards Gala. Julie Paul was named the winner of the 12th annual City of Victoria Butler Prize for her short story collection The Pull of the Moon, published by Brindle and Glass. Writer/illustrator Chris Tougas was named the winner of the 8th annual Bolen Books Children’s Book Prize for Dojo Daycare, published by Owl Kids.

Acting Mayor Chris Coleman and event sponsor Brian Butler presented Julie Paul with the $5,000 City of Victoria Butler Book Prize for her award-winning fiction book. (Right: Brian Butler, Julie Paul, and Acting Mayor Chris Coleman.)

Samantha Holmes from Bolen Books, with friend and young avid reader Katie Manga, presented Chris Tougas with the $5,000 Bolen Books Children’s Book Prize for the award-winning book for children ages three to seven. (Below: Katie Manga, Samantha Holmes and Chris Tougas strike a celebratory "Ninja pose".)

The Pull of the Moon is a collection of 12 unsettling short stories in which Paul explores the relationships between friends, family, and lovers and examines what happens when secrets are kept and then revealed. With controlled, understated poise, Paul shows us how secrets act to distill what each of us wants most – attention, connection, and belonging. The Globe and Mail listed The Pull of the Moon as a Top 100 Book of 2014.

Dojo Daycare starts one morning when six young ninjas are dropped off at their daycare. As soon as their ninja moms and ninja dads leave: KABOOM! KAPOW! The ninja boys and girls push and pull, bust and break, and generally turn the place upside down in a full-blown ninja riot. No one heeds the master’s repeated mantra of honor, kindness, and respect – until one little ninja steps up and rallies his ninja pals to undo all the damage that they have done, just in time for pick-up.

The awards gala was held at the Union Club of British Columbia and was emceed by Robyn Burns, host of CBC’s All Points West. Victoria’s Poet Laureate Yvonne Blomer opened the evening with readings from her recent works.       

The Victoria Book Prize Society establishes the policy and criteria for the prizes, appoints the juries, and administers the competitions.

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