New Recycling and Composting Bins Being Tested on Downtown Streets

Recycling and composting options are now available downtown, with the introduction of new waste bins with separate areas for recyclables, food waste and garbage. The new bins make it easy to sort waste and help keep items that can be recycled or composted from being sent to the landfill.

Building on the success of household organics and recycling programs, the new public waste bins collect containers, bottles, paper and food waste, in a user-friendly way that reflects how residents already separate their waste at home. Currently, only single purpose garbage cans are in place on city streets.  

Sixteen bins are being introduced in high-traffic areas throughout the downtown on a trial basis, and will remain in place until October. Throughout the season, the volume, type of materials collected and the effectiveness of the instructions in avoiding cross-contamination of materials, will be measured.  Recommendations will then be made on whether to expand the program in 2016.