ParkVictoria Mobile Payment App for On-Street Parking Available at App Store and Google Play

Paying for on-street parking just got easier. Motorists can now pay for on-street parking using their iPhone, iPad, Android smart phone or tablet by downloading the free ParkVictoria app from the App Store or Google Play.

Motorists can also use any data-enabled mobile device to access the ParkVictoria mobile web application at

ParkVictoria allows motorists to pay for on-street parking at any numbered downtown parking space, while on-the-go or from the comfort of their vehicle. There is no need to visit a pay station or parking meter.

The mobile payment system sends a reminder text message or pop-up notification before a parking session expires, enables customers to extend parking time up to the maximum time zone limit posted, and to refund any unused parking time to a ParkVictoria “wallet” or credit card.

Customers also have the ability to view or print parking receipts, and to view their parking history. ParkVictoria is a secure method of payment; all data is encrypted to ensure safe and secure payment transactions.

The parking session information that is entered into the ParkVictoria system is immediately sent to the City’s parking monitoring system.

Sign-up is free and uses a phone number, email address or Facebook account to identify customers.

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