Roll-Out of Trademark Hanging Baskets Signifies Summer is Around the Corner

The annual roll-out of Victoria’s trademark hanging baskets each June is a sure sign that summer is just around the corner. Starting Monday, three City crews will begin installing approximately 1,350 hanging baskets on downtown lampposts featuring flowers that were grown at the Beacon Hill Park nursery.

Each year Parks staff create both sun and shade baskets to ensure the baskets thrive in their chosen location. This year watch for Summerwings Begonias that will offer pops of red, apricot and white and Dichondra ‘Silver Falls’ with their silver hanging foliage.  Both will be included in this year’s shade baskets.  Prelude Mix Wax Begonias in red, pink, white and rose will be new additions in the baskets that will be hung along Yates Street for the summer.

When fully grown, the hanging baskets can weigh over 20 kilograms (approximately 45 pounds). The baskets remain on lampposts until late September. After removal, the hardware is dismantled for reuse and the plant material is composted in the Beacon Hill Park Maintenance Yard.

Due to a mild winter, there is an increase in aphid populations this year. To manage aphids on hanging baskets and downtown street trees, City Parks crews will apply Aphidoletes, small, dormant midges, to the hanging baskets just before they are rolled out. These very small insects will awaken hungry and fly into downtown street trees in search of food (aphids). The City has applied Aphidoletes in previous years when ladybugs are unavailable.

Victoria’s hanging flower baskets are a trademark recognized around the world and were introduced in 1937 to celebrate the City of Victoria’s 75th year of incorporation. For more information on Victoria’s hanging baskets or to learn how to make your own, click here.