Tips to Prepare for Heavy Rains This Weekend

Environment Canada is predicting heavy rain in our region this weekend, the first significant rainfall in months. Weather models are indicating 10-20 mm of rain on Saturday and showers on Sunday for Victoria. Due to the recent drought conditions, the soil has a reduced capacity to absorb water and the heavy rainfall will increase the risk of flash flooding. This first large rain event will also create slippery road conditions.

Here is a short list of ‘storm proofing’ tasks that will help you stay dry this weekend:

  • Declutter your Gutters: Remove debris like leaves and twigs so rainwater can flow through your gutters and into the stormwater system.
  • Pump your Sump: If you have a sump pump, test to see if it is working.  Most sumps have a float.  Step 1: Lift the float up to trigger the pump.  Step 2: Listen to see if the pump turns on.  Step 3: Sit back and relax, listening to the sound of rain drops on your roof.
  • Clear your Catch Basins: City crews do regular catch basin cleaning, but clearing leaves and debris away from a catch basin on the road is always a good idea.  This will allow the stormwater to flow into the stormwater system and away from your property.
  • Report Flooding:  Call the City of Victoria if you see pooling of water or flooding on the street.  Your tips will help our crews identify where they are needed most.  Please call 250.361.0400 or the After Hours Emergency Line 250.385.5711.

The City of Victoria’s stormwater system helps carry water away from properties, redirecting it out to the nearest body of water. This system is made up of 5,700 catch basins, 253 kilometres of storm drains, 3 stormwater rehabilitation units and 73 stormwater outlets.

Property owners who manage rainwater more sustainably may be eligible for financial incentives.  The City’s new Rainwater Rewards program offers credits and rebates for cisterns, rain gardens, permeable paving and other rainwater management methods that help to slow and clean rainwater before it enters the stormwater system and makes it way to our waterways.

You can learn more about our stormwater system and the Rainwater Rewards Program here.