Update for Planning Future of Victoria Fire Department Headquarters

The Victoria Fire Department’s headquarters, also known as Fire Station No. 1, requires renovation or replacement. The City of Victoria recently undertook a market sounding to seek innovative ideas and potential interest in partnering with the City on this initiative. 

The market sounding closed on April 17. During this process, the City was in contact with 18 groups who expressed interest. Information about the 18 groups is confidential due to the commercial nature of the process. For the City to collect additional information to determine the feasibility and viability of the various options, it is essential that details remain in confidence on a without prejudice basis.

An in-camera report was presented to Council at the May 21, 2015 Governance and Priorities Committee meeting, outlining the work to date, with recommendations on how to proceed with the next step – market consultation.

Next Steps

Based on Council’s direction, responses are being explored with a number of these groups. It is expected these conversations may take a couple of months. The market sounding process is purely explorative at this stage and there is no commitment to any potential proponent or to dispose of or acquire land.

There are three stages involved in the market sounding process. The first stage is identification of the problem or unmet needs, which led to an innovative, informal market sounding to renovate or replace the Victoria Fire Department headquarters. 

The second stage is market engagement, which includes the market sounding call for ideas, their review, and exploration/consultation to further assess the merit of each idea. The review is now complete and exploration is underway. The third stage will be the procurement process to advance the renovation or replacement of the fire station.

The market engagement stage must take place before meaningful recommendations on the procurement process can be presented to Council for consideration. An in-camera report will be presented to Council in September.

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