WANTED: Community-Minded Cyclists for Tour Disaster Rally

After an earthquake in Victoria, cyclists may be able to access roads, pathways and bridges that vehicles can’t, to help move people, information and materials from one location to another. To demonstrate the important role cyclists can play in a disaster response, the City of Victoria and the Greater Victoria Cycling Coalition are partnering for the third consecutive year to present the 2015 Tour Disaster on Saturday, July 4.
Part cycling rally, part emergency exercise, the Tour Disaster will include up to 40 cyclists working their way through a series of tasks that could be required following a community-wide emergency. Tasks will include moving supplies and information, searching for lost individuals, and conducting damage assessments within a local neighbourhood – all while navigating through a simulated damaged or congested transportation system.


The Tour Disaster is not a race. It is a rally with a variety of tasks that must be completed within the event time frame. Points will be awarded for assisting other cyclists at obstacles; completing each task assigned in the prescribed time; finishing order; carrying two eggs without breaking them; and the total weight or bulk of cargo carried. The person with the most points will be declared the “winner”. The event will include prizes for the first, second and third place finishers.
Each participant must be able to safely carry envelopes with instructions, bottled water for personal use, cargo in the form of 12 litres of water and two eggs, and is asked to bring their own map. On event day, registrants will arrive on site for check-in, a bike inspection and briefing. Bicycles must be “human-powered”. No electric or fossil fuel assisted devices are permitted.


The 2015 Tour Disaster will start and end at the Topaz Park parking lot located off Glasgow Street and will take participants through a range of Victoria neighbourhoods. No roads will be closed for the event and cyclists will be expected to follow all rules of the road and wear a helmet. Tour Disaster will be completed by early afternoon.
The event will also serve as an emergency exercise for Victoria Emergency Management Agency volunteers, who will set up and staff an Incident Command Post and various checkpoints along the route. Volunteers will communicate by radio to simulate a major disaster when local phone lines are down.

Registration Deadline

The deadline to pre-register for this free event is Monday, June 29 at 4 p.m. Tour Disaster participants must be 19 years of age or older. Learn more