Welcoming Syrian Refugees to Victoria

Victoria is a welcoming and inclusive city, defined by our collection of identities, experiences, cultures and histories.

Canadians have a long history of providing safe refuge to people  who are forced to flee their homelands to escape persecution, war or severe human rights abuses. The federal government, who sets immigration, refugee and citizenship policies, has announced a plan to resettle 25,000 Syrian refugees in Canada in the coming months.

Victoria looks forward to participating, and welcoming Syrian refugees to our city.

We are waiting for more information from the federal government on next steps in the resettlement plan.

In the meantime, Mayor Helps is in touch with Mayors on Vancouver Island, along with higher levels of government and community partners, to discuss a coordinated approach to welcoming Syrian refugees to Greater Victoria.

Residents in Victoria and across the nation can also help by donating, volunteering, or by sponsoring a refugee.

For more information on the federal government plans, and on how Canadians can help, please visit the Government of Canada's webpage on welcoming refugees.  

For local programs, please visit the Inter-Cultural Association of Greater Victoria's website