We're Making Development Information Easier to Access

Tracking development and land-use changes just got easier in Victoria, with two new digital tools that provide easy access to current applications, both by specific address and by geospatial area.

Recognizing the interest and value of development and land-use information to residents and businesses, a new Development Tracker is now available online. At the same time, technology entrepreneurs have developed a new notification service for those interested in on-going activity in their neighbourhood.

The Development Tracker provides detailed information about the status of all rezoning applications. Users can choose to sort by neighbourhood, or view all current rezoning applications. All applications will have a list of completed and upcoming milestones, as well as plans and other documents to give more information on what each project is all about. This tool will be expanded later in 2015 to include other types of development applications, as well as permit applications.

The City has also been collaborating with PlaceSpeak, a location-based public consultation platform. PlaceSpeak has just launched a new, free service, which allows residents to be notified online about proposed land-use changes within their immediate neighbourhoods.

Built off of the data available within the City’s Open Data Catalogue, Victoria is the first city in Canada with this new service. PlaceSpeak will use its unique ‘geolocation’ process to send notifications directly to residents who want to know what is being planned for their area.

For more information and to access the Development Tracker, click here.

City of Victoria residents can sign up for PlaceSpeak at www.placespeak.com