A City for Youth, Designed by Youth

The City of Victoria is looking for 10 enthusiastic youth, ages 12 – 24, to become part of a Youth Team that will help revolutionize how the City engages with young people and how youth engage within their community.

From city planning to smaller neighbourhood pop-up projects, to how information is shared, the City is exploring new ways to engage young people in their community as well as identify innovative, meaningful approaches for youth to become more involved in shaping where they live. 

Young people under the age of 25 represent 22 percent of the City of Victoria’s population, yet they are underrepresented when it comes to their involvement in shaping where they live. By learning how young people want to engage with the City, what they want for the future of Victoria and what youth would like to see more of in their community, the City hopes to get more young voices involved in local government. 

This is a unique opportunity for youth to shape how local government responds to the needs of young people. The Youth Team will lead the engagement of their peers and develop a youth engagement strategy this summer. Each member of the team will receive a $1,000 honorarium. A short video or written submission is required to apply. The application deadline is Thursday, April 21, 2016.

Currently, the young people participate in local government through a variety of ways, including: 

• City of Victoria Youth Council: a youth-driven program that supports civic engagement and develops future leaders. 

• CityStudio Victoria: an innovation hub where local university students, community members and the City of Victoria co-create, design and launch projects.

• "Mayor for a Day" initiative: an opportunity for local children to serve as the honourary Mayor for a day, demonstrating to youth the importance of voting. 

• Public Works Day: For 16 years the City has hosted an open house to provide elementary students with an opportunity to learn more about how City of Victoria staff work to ensure the community stays healthy, safe and sustainable. Over 650 students from 12 schools participate in 20 interactive stations.

• Youth programs: the City funds programs for youth at community centres, the Crystal Pool and Fitness Centre, and partners with other agencies to promote youth initiatives. 

• Innovative media – Social media, videos and other online tools are used to inform and engage all Victoria residents. 

For more information and application guidelines, visit victoria.ca/youthteam