Explore the Interactive Musical Railing at Bastion Square Parkade

Bastion Square Parkade now provides an unexpected interactive musical experience for those coming and going, or looking for fun downtown. Local artists Scott Amos and David Parfit were selected in the City's Art on Parkades competition to create an interactive musical railing to enhance the parking facility.

To create a playful musical experience for visitors, the parkade's back stairwell has been turned into a five-storey musical instrument by installing sensors that create different sound and light effects on each of the landings. When hands touch the railing sensors, sounds play through speakers on each level and LED lights illuminate, creating a unique experience for those who take the stairs. Lighting effects are more visible at night.

Currently, the railings have sounds created by local artists Jules Uno and David Parfit, and France-based artist CloZee. Over time, the programmed sounds will be changed to create different sonic experiences and there is the potential to invite local musicians or poets to create sounds for each flight of stairs.

Enhancing City parkades to make them more welcoming was identified during public consultation in 2014 as a way to improve the parking experience downtown. The City's Art on Parkades initiative includes the musical railing at Bastion Square Parkade, the Centennial Square Parkade mural series, and the upcoming Woven Together contemporary First Nations artwork for the exterior of the Johnson Street Parkade

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