Get Your Kit Together!

Emergency preparedness is a responsibility that we all share.

Having essential supplies handy in an emergency is a vital part of preparedness. A home kit enables survival for a minimum of seven days. It’s a good idea to have smaller versions of your kit outside of your home because you may be at work, school, or in your vehicle when an emergency occurs.

What to Include in Your Vehicle Kit

If you spend a lot of time in your car, boat or RV, you should have an emergency kit to supplement your grab-and-go bag, or a separate kit you keep in your vehicle.

Get your kit together!

Preparedness Tip: Regularly maintain your vehicles and keep the fuel tanks at least half full so you’re ready to leave in a hurry. Even if you do not have to evacuate, your car can be a place to shelter, recharge your cell phone, warm up, or listen to radio reports. 

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