Provide Feedback on Wastewater Treatment

The City of Victoria is starting the discussion about a wastewater treatment plant in Victoria and invites residents and businesses to complete a survey to help guide the future. Fill out survey.

The City of Victoria supports wastewater treatment and is open to hosting a treatment facility.  It is essential that the community guides how these facilities are integrated into neighbourhoods and what amenities are included. 

There are a number of sites in Victoria that have been considered for a wastewater treatment facility. Currently Clover Point is the Capital Regional Districts’ (CRD) preferred site, however other sites and locations may be considered as the CRD completes its evaluation process; public feedback will help to inform this. As such, the City is developing a policy which will guide the assessment of an application from the CRD and determine the suitability of wastewater treatment sites. The City is approaching the development of this guiding policy from a City-wide perspective, addressing issues at Clover Point as well as discussing issues and opportunities at other sites within the City. In order to determine the suitability of any site for a treatment plant, the City needs to understand the key issues and considerations for the community.

Victoria residents have an important role in developing the policy and helping to inform the final wastewater plant. The survey is only one of many opportunities for the public to provide feedback to help shape the process going forward.

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