Update on Replacement of Victoria Fire Department Headquarters

The Victoria Fire Department’s headquarters, also known as Fire Station No. 1, has come to the end of its lifespan and requires replacement. In April, the City of Victoria issued a Request for Qualifications, inviting interested parties to submit responses indicating their interest in and qualifications to replace the current Victoria Fire Department Headquarters at 1234 Yates Street.

The Request for Qualifications (RFQ) closed on May 4, 2016. Three submissions were received and have undergone review and evaluation. As outlined in the RFQ, the next step would be to either issue a Request for Proposals to any qualified RFQ respondent or to directly negotiate with one. Based on the evaluation of the submissions, at an in-camera meeting of Council on September 22, 2016, City staff were directed to negotiate with one specific proponent. The intended outcome continues to be a new headquarters/fire station as part of a multi-use development at the best value for taxpayers. Interest expressed to date continues to be confidential.

The City of Victoria is looking to partner with a developer to ideally develop a mixed use development encompassing a new Fire Department Headquarters on a suitable site that the developer either already owns or can quickly secure. The City is also willing to consider making available land that it currently owns, including the current site of Fire Station No. 1.

In April 2015, the City of Victoria undertook a market sounding process to seek innovative ideas and potential interest in partnering with the City to renovate or replace the Victoria Fire Department's headquarters. Based on the results of this process, in February 2016, City Council approved a multi-stage procurement strategy and directed staff to issue a Request for Qualifications for the replacement of the Victoria Fire Department headquarters, with the intent of providing a multi-use facility that minimizes the cost to the taxpayer.

There have been three stages involved in the market sounding process. The first stage was identification of the problem or unmet needs, which led to an innovative, informal market sounding to renovate or replace the Victoria Fire Department headquarters. The second stage was market engagement, which included the market sounding call for ideas, their review, and exploration/consultation to further assess the merit of each idea. The third stage is the current procurement process to advance the replacement of Fire Station No. 1. 

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