Victoria And Saanich Green Their Vehicle Fleets By Adding Electric Cars

Thirteen electric vehicles have arrived in Victoria and Saanich that will save the municipalities over $100,000 due to rebates provided by the Province of B.C. and represent one of the largest fleets of Ford Focus electric vehicles in Western Canada. The City of Victoria has purchased nine vehicles and the District of Saanich has purchased four, with a rebate of $8,250 per vehicle. 

While greening their fleet is an equally important objective of both communities, the purchase of electric vehicles also makes financial sense. The joint purchase by Victoria and Saanich saves the municipalities thousands in tax dollars upfront on their fleet purchases in addition to the ongoing operating savings from the electrification of these vehicles. An estimated savings of nearly $3,000 per vehicle compared to gas vehicles and seven tonnes less of carbon is projected over the lifetime of the vehicles. This translates into cumulative energy savings of $39,000 and 91 tonnes over the lifetime of the 13 vehicles.