Wheelchair Access at City Hall

Due to the ongoing construction of Victoria’s first protected bike lanes along Pandora Avenue, parking, loading and  wheelchair access on the City Hall frontage of Pandora Avenue will not be available until the end of December.

Wheelchair access to City Hall is available at the Centennial Square entrance. The wheelchair ramp located at the Pandora Avenue City Hall entrance had to be closed during the construction in the 600 block of Pandora Avenue for safety reasons. Signage around City Hall will direct the public to the Centennial Square entrance and to the wheelchair accessible doors. The wheelchair ramp is expected to stay closed for the duration of the construction in the 600 block of Pandora Avenue, which is expected to last until the end of December.  Fifteen minute short term parking and loading will be provided on the Douglas Street frontage of City Hall to accommodate deliveries, and short term parking requirements. Parking spaces for people with disabilities are also available in Centennial Square Parkade.

The City and its hired contractor, Brunnell Construction Ltd., are striving to keep as much sidewalk accessible to the public as possible, but in some areas closures are necessary in order to keep people safe.