ACHoRd - Collaborative Art Piece to Take Place on Legislature Steps

The ACHoRd performance art piece co-created by a group of 13 Indigenous and non-Indigenous women will be performed on the steps of the Legislature as a part of the lead-up to Canada’s 150th on Sunday, June 25, 2017 from 7 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.

Co-facilitated by Indigenous Artist in Residence Lindsay Delaronde and Monique Salez, owner and Artistic Director of Raino Dance, ACHoRd represents the harmonization of many stories, lived experiences, and individuals in unity.

Earlier this year, Delaronde put out a call for female movers, singers, actors, and drummers of both First Nation and non-First Nation origin to participate in a collaborative, performative artwork. For 11 weeks, the group of women has met for four hours every weekend to develop the art piece.

The movements were created from the personal stories of each participant as well as from the desire to resist, reclaim, and take action as a community of women. Creating culturally-infused public performances grounded in local protocol, history and Indigenous resurgence is a passion of Delaronde and it guides her creative practice. ACHoRd aims to dismantle existing hypocrisies and injustices in the colonial legislative system while proposing new partnerships to reclaim women’s voices, bodies and politics.

Audience Participation Opportunity

There is an opportunity for audience participation during the performance. Audience members can support the group by wearing a gray top and black pants, shorts or skirt. There is also an opportunity to keep pace with the group through sound, which will require attending two final rehearsals. Learn more.