City Aims to Get More Youth Involved in Decision-Making

City Council unanimously adopted a strategy designed to get more youth involved in local government. The three-year Youth Strategy, written by a team of 10 youth between the ages of 12 and 25, includes practical and creative initiatives that will help the City strengthen its relationship with youth and involve them in City activities.

Youth aged 12 – 24 make up over 15 percent of Victoria’s population yet are underrepresented in the City’s planning processes. This strategy is intended to give young people a voice in local government and be part of planning the future of their community.

The strategy includes more than a dozen ways for the City to involve youth in their municipal government such as:

  • developing a learning tool in partnership with the school district so children and youth are
    learning about the City in classrooms
  • opening a youth hub as a safe space for youth to hang out and find out about programs and
  • creating a channel for direct two-way dialogue between City Council and youth
  • getting more youth working at the City through mentorship and co-op programs

The City will begin implementing the strategy immediately.

Read the full youth strategy here.