How to Get Started on Your Emergency Preparedness

The devastating 7.1 magnitude earthquake in Mexico City is a reminder that earthquakes can happen at any time. Victoria has a one-in-three probability of experiencing a major earthquake in the next 50 years. It's not a matter of if, but when. The time to prepare is now.

Getting Started

Life is busy. There never seems to be enough time in the day to get what you need to get done, let alone prepare for an emergency. But there are simple things you and your family can do to move closer to being prepared for emergencies or a major earthquake.

Check out our VictoriaReady brochure [PDF - 1.6 MB] on how to get started.

Get Your Kit Together!

Prepare an emergency kit that includes all of the supplies, food, water and medication you will need to cope for up to seven days without outside assistance. You can purchase ready-made kits at local retailers or make your own kit over time. View our helpful kit lists and the Get Your Kit Together video series.

Make a Plan

Chances are you and your family members won’t be together when a major earthquake occurs. Having an emergency plan and methods in place to reconnect with family and loved ones is incredibly important after an earthquake. Establishing a meeting location and an out-of-area contact person are two key ways to reconnect. Learn more.

Attend a Free Workshop

Attend a FREE Emergency Preparedness Workshop this fall to learn more about the hazards that can affect Victoria and how to be prepared for them. View the 2017 Emergency Preparedness Workshop schedule.

Drop, Cover and Hold On!

If you had an opportunity to ride the ShakeZone 8.0 magnitude earthquake simulator, you know that Drop, Cover and Hold On! is the best action you can do to reduce injury and death during an earthquake.                                                 

  • DROP to the floor (before the earthquake drops you)
  • Take COVER under a desk or sturdy piece of furniture and protect your head, and
  • HOLD ON to the piece of furniture until the shaking stops, then count to 60 before uncovering.

You and your family can practise Drop, Cover and Hold On! by signing up online to participate in the annual Great British Columbia ShakeOut earthquake drill on Thursday, October 19, 2017 at 10:19 a.m.

Sign up for Vic-Alert

Sign up for Vic-Alert, the City of Victoria's new emergency notification service. Receive alerts by text, phone and email on emergencies that may impact you. You can sign up for this free service on your mobile phone, tablet or computer.