Installation of Steel Rings and Counterweight For New Bridge to Start December 8

The skyline around the new Johnson Street Bridge will be transformed with the arrival of one of the largest cranes in Western Canada in early December. The Dynamic Beast crane barge is scheduled to be parked in the marine channel under the existing bridge for up to five days tentatively starting December 8. The massive crane barge will tower high above the new bridge as it lifts and places the steel rings and the lower counterweight into the bascule pier.

Over the course of those five days, the public will be able toview the Dynamic Beast lifting the lower counterweight and steel rings into the bascule pier. During the major steel ring and counterweight lifts there will be significant impacts to the public as the existing Johnson Street Bridge will be periodically closed to all pedestrians, cyclists, and vehicles. These closures could be several hours in length and are necessary to ensure public safety. The best view of the construction activities will be from the northeast side of the bridge near Canoe Club and Mermaid Wharf or online on the project webcam.

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