New 2017 Transportation Mode-shift EcoStar Award

The Downtown Victoria Business Association and the City of Victoria have co-created the Transportation Mode-Shift EcoStar Award with the Synergy Sustainability Institute (SSI). This new award category will recognize businesses and other organizations that are incentivizing or encouraging staff and/or customers to shift modes and arrive at their location by sustainable transportation.

The EcoStar Awards planning committee expects to see applications for initiatives such as subsidized bus passes for staff, encouraging staff to cycle to work, incentive programs for active commuting, discounts for customers who arrive by bicycle, and other programs. The DVBA, the City and the EcoStar Awards Committee hopes to pull stories out of the community and share them widely to inspire other businesses and organizations.

The EcoStar Awards will take place in November 2017. This is SSI’s third year hosting the awards. A total of 18 awards will be given to organizations leading in sustainability and innovation. Applications for the awards will open in summer 2017.